Cutting sub d component

I have a subd surface that needs to be cut but the surface I use (simple geometry) doesn’t do it
I have tried to intersect it but the line becomes multiple lines and so it is impossible to cut
I have tried to convert it into nurbs but it doesn’t cut the same
if anyone has an idea I have to get this job finished shortly

Hi Justin, welcome.

Do you mean you don’t get a closed line from the intersection? If so, it is normal that you cannot cut … Rhino doesn’t “understand” where to cut.
However, if you do not attach the subd and the surface, it becomes difficult to understand where the problem is.

I don’t think this is helpful. In any case, if the cutting operation were successful, you would end up with a nurbs.

that’s fine
I need nurbs at the end and I am now at the end I just now need to cut it to fit

ok to answer all the answers (thanks)
the surface goes through everything but the line is not one
this means that the sub d is not recognized as surfaces stitched together
but they are

Of this I was sure.
Evidently there is something wrong with the surface, the fact that it looks good does not mean much.
What does the Check command say about your subd?
Don’t speak Italian? :smiling_face:

SCUSA scrivo in italiano
si e il subd
ache Rhino dice che e apposto e non ci sono bucchi
fine della favola l’ho importato in solidworks e fatto i tagli banale
ora Rhino la riconosce come solido, spero che non ci siano problemi
grazie comunque