Launch Rhino and Call Commands from external App

Hi to all,

Using Rhino 6, I need to launch the executable from an external C# App and then to call a specific Command that I developed as a plug-in. The command is already installed and works properly.

I want to know if and how this is possibile to do.
I can easly launch Rhino with simple C# lines but then if i try to use RhinoApp.RunScript() it gives me an error as he can’t see the Rhino Instance.

Actually I see that I lose the reference of the lanuched app, so here I ask you if there is a proper way to do it, if there are some settings that i need to implement to my C# App and so on.

Thank you to all!

La butto li, e se imposti che il comando viene eseguito automaticamente nelle impostazioni di Rhino?
Intendo quelle presenti nelle proprietà di Rhino->General->Run these commands every time Rhino starts

Ciao Lucio, per quanto sia corretta questa soluzione purtroppo non è ciò che mi serve.

Sono riuscito comunque a trovare quello che fa al caso mio:

public static dynamic LoadRhino()
            // Try creating an instance of Rhino
            dynamic rhino = null;
                const string rhino_id = "Rhino.Application";
                var type = Type.GetTypeFromProgID(rhino_id);
                rhino = Activator.CreateInstance(type);
                // ignored

            if (null == rhino)
                Console.WriteLine("Failed to create Rhino application");
                return null;

            // Wait until Rhino is initialized before calling into it
            const int bail_milliseconds = 15 * 1000;
            var time_waiting = 0;
            while (0 == rhino.IsInitialized())
                time_waiting += 100;
                if (time_waiting > bail_milliseconds)
                    Console.WriteLine("Rhino initialization failed");
                    return null;

            return rhino;

Per poi chiamare fuori:

 dynamic rhino = LoadRhino();
                if (rhino == null)

                rhino.Visible = 1;
            rhino.Visible = 0;
                rhino.RunScript("_-MyCommand", 0);

Grazie comunque dell’aiuto!

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